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How to get a Vietnam eVisa?

By E visa Vietnam  |  9:22 PM

An electronic visa can refer to the application process to  get a visa, or even the visa itself. In most cases, the process for an  electronic visa application can be completed online, instead of having  to appear, or mail documents, to the consulate of a foreign nation

Though they just beginning to gain popularity, an electronic visa may  soon take the place of a more traditional visa.

The term evisa means that the visa is electronic and not a physically printed one on the passport.

Here’s how to get a Vietnam eVisa:.

Read the FAQ about getting an eVisa Here (This will literally answer all the questions you have in mind.)
Visit this link once you’re ready to fill out the eVisa form.

When an eVisa application has been approved, the applicant will receive a notice by email containing a link to download and print the eVisa. The eVisa holder is required to present a paper copy of the eVisa at the immigration checkpoint for verification.

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Author: E visa Vietnam

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