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Advise for Visa application to Vietnam with new option available 1st Feb 2017

By E visa Vietnam  |  7:09 PM

Applying for Visa to Vietnam is not difficult at all, but you are advised to read all the regulations and rules before going ahead. Mistakes do happen, and it can be costly to correct while on Holiday.

1st. Always double check the rules for your country meaning the passport that you hold. You can do that by googling Vietnam Embassy in ... and add your country.

2nd Decide how long you want to stay for, if it is 15 days or under you can possibly receive a 15 day Visa Free Exemption, you can just turn up with your passport. The 15 days start from the day you enter and that day is Day 1. You must leave on or before Day 15. For instance if you arrive on March 2nd, you must leave before Midnight on March 16th, remembering to count March 2nd as Day 1.

Countries that can take advantage of 15 day Visa Free are

Belarus Brunei Cambodia Denmark Finland France Germany Indonesia Italy Japan Kyrgyzstan Laos Malaysia Myanmir Norway Philippines Russia Singapore South Korea Spain Sweden Thailand UK

3rd Decide if you want to re-enter the country, for instance (and the most popular) is to visit Cambodia as well and return to Vietnam, in this case you will need a 30 day multi entry visa, which does cost slightly more. If you return to Vietnam from Cambodia (or any other country) then you must get a multi entry visa.

4th Decide if you want to purchase a VOA (Visa on Arrival) or a Visa from your embassy (More expensive) or from 1st Feb 2017 an E-Visa Online. Here is further details on the three options

VOA Visa on Arrival.  This is done in two stages, firstly online in your own country, you can apply for a VOA, and you will be sent a letter of approval with a stamp which you show with your passport on arrival in Vietnam. The advantage of this is it is cheap, the disadvantage is you do have to queue on arrival with all the others arriving applying for VOA. You must get your letter checked and passport, a stamp is then added to your passport. It is usual to take about 30 to 40 minutes, it can take less, but it can take more.

 A common mistake is to think you can turn up in Vietnam and think you can apply for VOA...... you can't, you must follow the two stage VOA procedure. It is pretty unlikely you would even get on to a flight if you turned up without a Visa stamp or a visa VOA letter.

Vietnam Embassy You will have to go online and google the Vietnam Embassy in the country that you are applying from. Follow those instructions, and then send (or take) your passport to the Embassy to get your Visa stamped. This is quite a lot more expensive, but you do not have to queue on arrival. In UK in normal conditions it takes about 6 to 8 days sent by registered post.

Both the above options you can apply for a 30/60 day single entry or 30/60 day multi entry

E-Visa from 1st February 2017 All the details are not yet fully available for this 0ption, however I will be updating this as soon as they are, so check back. (Updated Countries 27th Jan 2017)

40 Countries have been included in the trial

Author: E visa Vietnam

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